Embrace the ‘suck’ with Liv Cycling’s Lesley Paterson

via 5 Ways to Embrace Suffering on the Bike | Liv Cycling - Liv Cycling | Official site   What a great article by Lesley Paterson. Embrace the suck. Lesley shares her techniques to embrace the suck and I agree, however, there is a huge difference between the discomfort of your muscles burning and real … Continue reading Embrace the ‘suck’ with Liv Cycling’s Lesley Paterson

The F-U Headwind 53 Miler

This weekend was supposed to be an early season century for me. Uh, yeah, no. Thanks to some nasty thunderstorms off the coast of Delaware/Maryland, winds were forecasted at 15-20 mph and boy were they ever. Mind you, I've ridden in some nasty headwinds during my end of the season century in just about the … Continue reading The F-U Headwind 53 Miler

The struggle (in sportives) is real..

via How to Help a Rider Who is Struggling on a Long Ride... The above Total Women's Cycling article lists some ideas that I have done in the past with my cycling pals. I encourage them to hold my wheel, eat more, drink more, don't muscle it - drop a gear or two and pedal … Continue reading The struggle (in sportives) is real..

This ain’t yo mamma’s aerobics class…

I've been an indoor cycling instructor for over 12 years, and in that time, my teaching style has evolved. When I first started out, I didn't ride very much outdoors and admittedly, I didn't realize the difference between an 'aerobics class' and training for fitness. I went onto aerobics instructor websites - even some for … Continue reading This ain’t yo mamma’s aerobics class…