Beta Readers – a double-edged sword

I obsess over the mundane. I can't decide what to cut, even though I know it needs to be done. I needed help, but I am also wounded, how can I trust to hand over what has been already slashed as garbage? And so, enters BR Number One, who was willing to chat with me daily, … Continue reading Beta Readers – a double-edged sword

#IamtheStorm Excerpt from #Wheeler

21 June Aviva Women’s Tour, Stage 5 Marlow to Hemel Hempstead, 102.6km Loren settled into her time trial pace, her head down and hands in the drops. She extended her awareness, taking in the sounds around her: the whistle of air past her ears, the breathing of the other riders around her, the beating of … Continue reading #IamtheStorm Excerpt from #Wheeler

#Movingon and #Unpublish (ed) – with a little thank you

I thought long and hard about this and have decided to unpublish Wheeler for the time being.  Even with the newest version being the best I can put out, it's still not 100% and I fully regret putting a shitty product out there.  Not that it was truly shit.. but still. I won't be quitting the … Continue reading #Movingon and #Unpublish (ed) – with a little thank you

‘Lighting Up a Very Dark Place for Ellen Watters’ Colavita-Bianchi Pro Cycling

via Colavita-Bianchi Pro Cycling on Instagram: “No words can express the sadness we all feel regarding the loss of this exceptional human being. Ellen left us all way too early, but it will be our mission this year to carry her vibrant zeal for life and passion for the sport of cycling. We will never … Continue reading ‘Lighting Up a Very Dark Place for Ellen Watters’ Colavita-Bianchi Pro Cycling