Podcast interview with #NightlyEntrepreneur about #WheelerNovel

Recently, I was interviewed by Marc and Daniel of the Nightly Entrepreneur about marketing #WheelerNovel. The experience was nerve-wracking but lots of fun. Did I actually answer his questions? Eh, maybe? 

The Last Day – I Will Never Be The Same

What an incredible song by I Will Never Be The Same , who is actually just one guy who writes, sings, produces and performs every song in the catalog:  Josh Atchley An extremely talented songwriter and performer, Josh has created songs both with lyrics and without, which I find to be awesome.  When you're climbing in an [...]

Embrace the ‘suck’ with Liv Cycling’s Lesley Paterson

via 5 Ways to Embrace Suffering on the Bike | Liv Cycling - Liv Cycling | Official site   What a great article by Lesley Paterson. Embrace the suck. Lesley shares her techniques to embrace the suck and I agree, however, there is a huge difference between the discomfort of your muscles burning and real [...]