A woman and her bike – a guest post

Penny is a friend, triathlete, mother, nurse and just an amazing, kick-ass kind of woman.   She's also a poet, at least I think so. What follows are her words, not mine, but I share in the feelings. "Loading the bike up for a morning ride. My enthusiasm is almost palpable. 50 miles with a... Continue Reading →

The F-U Headwind 53 Miler

This weekend was supposed to be an early season century for me. Uh, yeah, no. Thanks to some nasty thunderstorms off the coast of Delaware/Maryland, winds were forecasted at 15-20 mph and boy were they ever. Mind you, I've ridden in some nasty headwinds during my end of the season century in just about the... Continue Reading →

Do, or Do Not…. you know the rest

I am a Sufferlandrian. This is my National Flag. I devote 60-90 minutes most days to intense, mind-numbing, leg-burning, self-induced suffering on my bike attached a trainer in my basement. Alone. I am also an indoor cycling instructor and twice a week, I put several other individuals through much the same torture, in person, on... Continue Reading →

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