How to keep writing…

You know how “they” say in order to keep writing, you just need to write?

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything anywhere, really. Insta, FB, Twit, even tried my hand at Tik Tok.

Over the past 2+ years, my life has been whittled down to Work and Home, and all the stresses that come with those two things. I’m exhausted. The whole world is exhausted. I have very little creativity left at the end of the day to type out the story still bubbling at the back of my brain.

And yes, it’s still there. Various scenes play out as I’m trying to fall sleep. I don’t mind too much though – it’s a brain movie I control.

How do you see your story as you create? Does it play out in moving pictures in your mind’s eye? Or is it just words on a page?

One thought on “How to keep writing…

  1. I started quitting the exhaustion thing just a few days ago when I realized I’ve been back to normal for more that a year. I’m sitting the anguish of personal prison out. If the whirling dervishes wish to whirl, I’m going to let them. Know what I mean?


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