#PitchUpLines October is about fears and villains!


Day 9’s question is about how your main character responds to the fears of the other characters in your story.

In #WheelerNovel, Loren is a mother hen – or as her bestie Cece would say, she’s a smother hen. She was an only child from age 9 while living with her aunt and uncle and spent much of her time alone. Her cousin Kevin was born when she was 15, and she was thrust into the role of oldest, often taking care of him and his sister, Tess, with their little brother, Jordi born after she moved to England.

This ingrained the attitude of caregiver, especially to those younger than her, like her teammates. She considers them to be her family – her sisters and when they are scared, she wants to help them. Some of her teammates appreciate it while others like Cece, feel  smothered.

What’s ironic is Loren herself doesn’t like to be (s)mothered and has a regretfully contentious relationship with her aunt Maggie. **A little spoiler topic for the third (and final) book of the Wheeler series, One Fire Burns Out Another’s Burning. 


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