Podcast interview with #NightlyEntrepreneur about #WheelerNovel

via Interview with Author Sara Zalesky and her book series “Wheeler” – YouTube

Recently, I was interviewed by Marc and Daniel of the Nightly Entrepreneur about what I have done (and haven’t done) to market #WheelerNovel. The experience was nerve-wracking but lots of fun. Did I actually answer his questions? Eh, maybe?

Plus you get to see how truly unorganized and messy my house is!

Wheeler by Sara Zalesky can be found here: https://amzn.to/2JgXpjU

Author Sara Zalesky discusses her passion for cycling the thrill of developing characters as they participated in a fictional cycling tour. The story-line in Wheeler follows the Women’s World Tour of 2015. So much research was involved in writing these novels and the results were astounding. Sara’s 400+page debut novel was completely accidental but what to do with this compulsion for writing? Join Marc and Daniel as we discuss with Sara her writing process, then her daunting task of getting her book to market. After 170+ rejections, Sara was all on her own. How to market a book that doesn’t fit into one genre? At what point does an author have to become a business professional? Sara’s continuing journey is all about what we discuss on Nightly Entrepreneur. A 9-5 employee gets thrust into the business world as an Authorpreneur, hoping to get her words out there.

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