To Write or Not To Write, yep, that’s a question.

Recently, I was asked why I write; specifically, why I wrote #WheelerNovel and #WheelerInDarkness.  At the time I was a bit flustered, as I was live on a podcast, but it got me thinking deep.

Why did I write a 450-page novel set in the exciting world of women’s professional cycling?

Why did I write a follow-up to the said novel?

Why am I currently writing the third in the series?

The truth is I didn’t write to become rich and famous. That’s not going to happen. I wrote about a pro cyclist – a woman – to bring the sport that I’m passionate about to more people.

I wrote about Loren Mackenzie, gave her obstacles that many women (and men) within the sport and without, face in their lives – sexual harassment and assault, isolation, estrangement, abuse, rape, anxiety, depression.

The need to love and to be loved.

I wrote about her overcoming those obstacles with grace and humility. I wrote to inspire other women that they too can move beyond the tragedy in their lives and be stronger because of it, not in spite of it.

You can heal.

You Are The Storm.


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