As the publish date for #WheelerInDarkness looms, the cracks in my tin foil armor begin to show

April 2, the release date for my second novel in the Wheeler series, In Darkness, There is Still Light, rapidly approaches. March 29th actually, since I have to have the final version to Kindle by then.

But, I’m holding back. I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes I made with my first book. Yes, I had an editor. Yes, I had a plethora of beta readers review the draft for me. Yes, I’ve reviewed it myself again and again and again. I even sent the manuscript to Literary Titan for an editorial review after the last round of comments from my betas. (I probably should have waited.)

And yet, the doubts remain.

Should I delay releasing it so I can read it again? Should I get more betas? Should I wait until the review is done?

My editor says to trust the story. Trust my talent.

Frankly, that’s the best thing anyone’s ever said to me. Even better than being told I’m attractive.

I have talent. My writing is good.

I’m good enough.

Then again, today I received my 126th literary agent rejection.


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