Excerpt from #WheelerNovel, 9 August “The Dream”

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She was standing before enormous windows overlooking the sea, but there was no roof over her head, only a dark clouded sky. Powerful waves broke against the glass, vibrating through the floor beneath her feet.

YOU CANNOT WITHSTAND THE STORM, a harsh voice echoed through her mind.
I am the storm!” she screamed back, thrusting the curved sword above her head.
She spun around to see a knight in golden armor fighting his way through the marsh toward her when his legs became embedded in the mud. The more he struggled against the vacuum, the further he was pulled under. He slapped the face guard up, his dark curls matted with sweat and reached out to her.
“LoriAnn! No!”
She turned and raised her shield as a dark shape billowed about her, curling around her neck and chest to crush her armored chest plate. Its tendrils solidified into arms to lift her into the air. Her sword clanged to the ground as she clutched at the arm around her neck.
Loren! Wake up!
Deep laughter echoed in her ears as she fought against the enemy. The knight screamed her name, and a flash of white light blinded her through her closed eyelids.

“What the…?” Loren woke when Cece punched her in the arm.
“I’ve been trying to wake you for like, five minutes!” She pitched a jersey at her face. “You’re missing breakfast.”

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