My second public appearance as an author – Nashville, March 16-18 and #WheelerNovel2 #bookblurb

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Buy your tickets here: A Weekend With The Authors

I’m kind of excited about the prospect of being part of an author’s convention. I’ve been only been to one, a Star Trek convention where I  got to kiss Brent Spiner and met this guy. tee hee

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That’s Karl Urban in the middle with those cheeks, looking weirdly like my father, Jack. The lady on Karl’s other arm is my cousin, Sonia from Venezuela. We have the same nose but she takes more from the Gonzalez side of the clan.

If you’re in the Nashville area around St. Patrick’s Day 2018, why not come and hang out with me. On Saturday, attendees can choose an author to have a private lunch with them, which I’m sure is just like being picked last in kickball.

I will have my second book out by then, I hope. It still doesn’t have a title (leave me a suggestion and I’ll give you credit for it!) but hey, I have a first draft of the blurb:

I won, but it’s not over.

As the Women’s Pro Cycling calendar winds down to the off-season, World Champion time trialist, Loren Mackenzie becomes a target in the crosshairs of the tabloid media. Rumors and innuendo whip around her relationship with A-list actor Graham Atherton, adding further strain to the fragile long-distance romance.

A surprise letter sets Loren on an emotional journey through her own mindShe alone must find the courage to delve into her childhood memories to find the truth of the tragic loss of her family. 

When Loren and Graham finally reunite, fear and uncertainty, love and hate churn into a dark tempest on the horizon. Conspiracies set in motion by others begin to unfold, threatening to tear them apart. 

Can love ultimately withstand the storm?

I cannot even tell you how feckin’ hard that was to write. I know what the book is about but damn, to try and put it into such a small summary is the worst. Okay, it’s not the worst – coming up with a title IS THE WORST PART. 

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