The Thing about #BookReviews, Part II

In a previous post, I shared some of the reviews for Wheeler from the Xpresso Blog Tour. Here are four more that I am very happy to share with you:

Chloe at Be Yourself Be Bhaltair gives Wheeler 4+ Stars: I’ve been reading Romance for 3-4 years. The first books I got my hands at got me hooked up because of the typical ‘love-drama’ And the interaction between main characters. As I’ve gotten wiser and gain experience I’ve found I need something more from the main characters to trap me into the book and fall into its depths and that’s what has happened with this book. When I read the blurb, I was expecting something entirely different. I knew I was going to read about a strong female practicing a not-so-common sport for women. I also found that Loren is more than what she lets people see, and that’s what’s made this book special to me. I saw some resemblance to my own persona. Then we have Graham, sweet and sexy. The connection between them it’s really powerful from the beginning and we can see how both their characters develop, as a couple but also as individuals. Best part, this is just the first chapter of the series. The story just began.”

This one touched me. Chloe says: “Loren is more than what she lets people see, and that’s what’s made this book special to me. I saw some resemblance to my own persona.” That’s powerful. I had hoped at least one person would connect with Loren, read between the lines of what I said and see her in themselves.

Ruthie Jones’ review was also positive: Wheeler is an intense story about a strong female protagonist, Loren Mackenzie, who has mastered the art of professional cycling and who finds herself caught up in the orbit of a famous and quite charming actor. But Loren’s world isn’t altogether a bed of roses. Her life is hectic and full of threats and dangers, not only with her past but her future as well. Wheeler definitely spans genres: romance, thriller, suspense. You name it! While I’m not a cyclist by any stretch of the imagination, Wheeler put me firmly into that world and took me on one wild ride. I had no idea Women’s Cycling could be so exhilarating! The pacing and characterization in Wheeler are right on target, taking hold of the reader from the very first page. Loren is flawed yet strong; overwhelmed yet determined. All of the characters are well developed, and the overall story is unique and completely engaging. The Shakespearean quotes are a plus, in my opinion, and I thoroughly recommend this intriguing and faced-paced story that will leave you completely breathless, as if you were the one doing all that cycling and romancing and everything else in between. Don’t miss out!”

I was smiling when I read this one because she highlighted the racing in her review, which is a big part of the story. It’s Loren’s job; her life revolves around it and up until she met Graham, she thought she was adept at juggling. Him showing up was a chainsaw thrown at her, and all the balls dropped to the ground. Overwhelmed yet determined is exactly Loren. And then Ruthie mentions the Shakespeare quotes! I knew this part of the character was going to be hot or cold; each reader will have a different opinion, and that’s okay with me.

Natasha at Dreamland Teenage Fantasy also gives Wheeler Four Stars: Wheeler, just like its unique title and cover, was a breath of fresh air in the world of sports romance. Never had I felt so invested in learning the technicalities of a sport or feel so intrigued by the game, it amazes me how much of the author’s passion and knowledge of cycling was translated into this book. Most of the sports romance I binge on have a common theme to it, we are often sidetracked by the romance that the sports aspect was not given much weight, but somehow this book has a perfect balance and it was such a page-turner! Loren, the female, was such a strong and independent female character that you learned to respect and love throughout the book. I could list all the things that I loved about her, but that would be a whole story of its own, haha! Her persona is infectious and I found myself drawn to her inexplicably, just like how Graham gravitated towards her since their first meeting..or “accident”, it’s no wonder that he desperately tried to hunt her down! If you are looking for sports romance with the great characters, plot, romance and a whole lot of sports, you found a hidden gem!”

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I’ve sat here rereading this review for twenty minutes and honestly, I have nothing to add.  It was probably the Shakespeare that prevented Natasha from giving it five stars. 😉



Cindy at Cindy’s Love of Books writes:Wheeler was definitely outside what I normally read and I have to say that I enjoyed it this. Its got a little bit of romance and suspense which I think make the book a great read. Its a roller coaster of emotions of highs and lows and I think that is what makes the book a great read. You could tell that this was a passion of Sara’s because she filled you in without overwhelming you. I have to admit that I don’t know anything about being a professional cyclist and I don’t watch the races so basically I know nothing about this sport but Sara does a fantastic job in bridging the gap so you can understand what is going on. Loren’s life might seem like it’s perfect but only Loren knows that things don’t appear as they seem. Loren has a dark past and has endured horrific things but she uses that pain and suffering as her motivation to be the best she can be. This is where the love interest comes in and that’s in the form of Graham who is a famous actor. At first, Loren is wary of accepting his help but figures she has no other choice. You could tell the two hit it off but both walk away without giving each other their numbers. Graham not willing to accept his mistakes remembers Loren’s jersey logo and enlists the help of his agent to track her down and I thought that this was sweet that he just didn’t let this chance encounter pass him by that he actually went out of his way to track her down and so begins their relationship. But can this relationship stand the test of time? What will Loren do when someone else is jealous of this new budding romance? As the story progresses Loren ends up in a horrific accident and is rushed to the hospital and you know that this is where things start to go wrong and where you are rooting for Loren. Loren is determined to not let anything stand in her way of competing even though she really should be resting and taking it easy. Enter Loren’s former ex-boyfriend, Felix who is still basically obsessed with her and he will do anything to make her his again. How far will he go? I am curious to read the follow up to see where they will go with it.”

Oh, Cindy… how far does Felix go? Every villain is a hero in his own mind. [If you know who said that, keep it to yourself!]

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