#WheelerNovel goes on Tour – The Final Stop

Brandy Mulder of JB’s Bookworms shares an interview with me: “Tell us about your writing career. How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing in one way or the other for most of my life, but I rarely showed it to anyone. I would write a couple of chapters then life would intrude and I’d drop it. It wasn’t until I accidentally emailed a scene to a friend and he encouraged me to keep going that things came together.” (Please visit JB’s blog for the rest of the interview)

Between the Pages shares an interview with Loren and Graham: 
“An attractive couple is seated across from you, holding hands, their fingers laced together. They lean ever so slightly toward each other as they watch you prepare for the interview. You meet his bright blue eyes and he smiles.
“Take your time,” he says, his British accent smooth, with only a hint of Scottish brogue. His smile changes as he turns to her; softer, more intimate and he tightens his fingers around hers. She answers with a similar grin but showing her nerves. Her gaze meets yours for half a breath, then continues moving, settling on the digital recorder on the coffee table between you.” (Please visit the blog to read the rest!) 

Cindy’s Love of Books shares her review of Wheeler: “Wheeler was definitely outside what I normally read and I have to say that I enjoyed it this. Its got a little bit of romance and suspense which I think make the book a great read. Its a roller coaster of emotions of highs and lows and I think that is what makes the book a great read. You could tell that this was a passion of Sara’s because she filled you in without overwhelming you.” (Please visit Cindy’s blog to continue reading!)


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