#WheelerNovel goes on Tour – Day Four

Be Yourself Be Bhaltair shares her review of Wheeler: “As I’ve gotten wiser and gain experience I’ve found I need something more from the main characters to trap me into the book and fall into its depths and that’s what has happened with this book.” (Please visit the blog to continue)

The Bookworm Chronicles shares a guest post by me on why the heck there’s so much Shakespeare in Wheeler: “Can you imagine Aaron Eckhart spouting Shakespeare? Nope. But you sure can Colin Firth. Definitely James McAvoy. And so, it is how my Muse speaks.” (Please visit the blog to continue reading)

Lisa Loves Literature shares a Q&A with me:  What does your writing process look like? Do you know the whole story when you start or do you just start writing and go with it? I’m a total by the seat of my pants kind of writer; very character driven. I had no clue what I was doing – I still don’t, but I had an idea of where the story was headed until it changed halfway through and spawned two books.” (Just one of the questions Lisa asked!)

Evermore Books shares an excerpt from 11 June: “Loren stopped a few miles away to catch her breath. That was fucking Graham Atherton. Oh my god, what the hell was I thinking, asking him out? He’s fucking famous! She closed her eyes with a groan. How many times have I watched both of the Crusade of the Gods films or that King Philip miniseries? She covered her face with her hand. All those pictures of him on my Pinterest board? Oh, I’m gonna throw up. She shook her head.No, no, calm down and get back to the center. Then you can freak out. A drop of water hit her amber sunglasses. Oh damn. (Visit the site to read it from the beginning!)

Natasha Anne of Dreamland Teenage Fantasy gives Wheeler FOUR STARS! Wheeler, just like its unique title and cover, was a breath of fresh air in the world of sports romance. Never had I felt so invested in learning the technicalities of a sport or feel so intrigued by the game, it amazes me how much of the author’s passion and knowledge of cycling was translated into this book.” (Please visit Natasha’s blog to read the rest)

Silence is Read shares an excerpt from 28 July, Les Andelys, France: Graham looked at his watch and groaned. “Loren, the sun isn’t even up yet, and I can’t drink my coffee with you moving so fast.” She stopped to gesture to the sky. “Are you kidding? The sun’s been up for almost half an hour now.” He was grumbling when he caught up to her.” (Be warned, there’s Shakespeare afoot on their blog!) 



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