#WheelerNovel goes on Tour – DAY THREE

Rainy Days and Pajamas (I love the name!) shares an excerpt of just how Loren and Graham first met:
11 June, Enfield, England
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Loren groaned. “What the hell else can happen to me today?” She stood on the pedals to glare at the offender with her rear tire replying with a hiss of air. As she pulled over to the side of the road again, her teammates coasted by with a few nods and concerned words.
“Do you need more tape?” Cece laughed as she passed. Felix honked the horn but didn’t stop. Loren waved at the car, fighting not flipping a rude gesture.” (Please visit their blog to continue reading)

Blogs & Coffee has a guest post from me about the foibles of Writing (Un)Awkward Sex Scenes (I’m already blushing)

Loves Great Reads Blog shares the Giro Rosa Prologue

Ruthie Jones shares her review of Wheeler: Wheeler definitely spans genres: romance, thriller, suspense. You name it! While I’m not a cyclist by any stretch of the imagination, Wheeler put me firmly into that world and took me on one wild ride. I had no idea Women’s Cycling could be so exhilarating!” (Please continue reading Ruthie’s review on her blog – Than you so much, Ruthie!) 


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