#WheelerNovel goes on Tour – DAY ONE

Vivian MacKade interviews me for her blog.
(She’s a fellow Top Gear UK/Grand Tour fan. She’s good people.)

The Review by A British Bookworm’s Blog: “When reading a novel which is set against a sports/athletic background, it is a fine line that the author walks between giving enough of an explanation for the sport to make sense, and becoming more like a quasi-documentary.
Here, it felt like there was an awful lot of details about professional cycling, but on the whole, I think that the author stayed on the right side of the informational content for it not to detract from the overall enjoyment of the story. (Please be sure to visit the website to read the rest)

At least she didn’t say she hated it – and Tweeted “Definitely [did] not” hate it. See, #8 and #9 on my Things I wish I Knew post.  But I thank her for the review. 

An Excerpt with Underneath The Covers from 28 July, Les Andelys:
Graham looked at his watch and groaned. “Loren, the sun isn’t even up yet, and I can’t drink my coffee with you moving so fast.”
She stopped to gesture to the sky. “Are you kidding? The sun’s been up for almost half an hour now.”
He was grumbling when he caught up 
to her.” (Check out the website to read the rest!)

Plain Talk Book Marketing shares my Top 10 Movies!

TFaulc Book Reviews shares an interview with me!

Archaeolibrarian shares an Excerpt of the Giro Rosa Prologue:

“Giro Rosa Prologue, 2km
Dusk had begun to lay claim to the city of Kamnik as Loren Mackenzie made her way to the stage. The starter greeted her with a nod, and a steward kept her bike upright from behind as she checked it was in the correct gear for her start, then swung her leg over the seat. Her heart hammered in her chest, in time with the pounding bass of the music blaring out of the speakers behind her. She clipped into the pedals and stood up, flexing her hands on the small outer bars of her time trial bike.
Thirty seconds.
(Check out the website to read the rest!)


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