September 11th, in my brother’s words

On September 11, 2001, my brother David was heading to his office three blocks from WTC. His train let him off beneath the towers and he stopped at the Starbucks for a cup of coffee at 8:23 AM.  He still has the receipt.

These are his words from 9/11/2013:

“Today, my office window still faces north towards the WTC and I remember that day so well. I can still see the plane plunge into the south tower. I still see the fireball. I knew that it was an attack and that hundreds of people had lost their lives in that second. When the towers collapsed, all I could think was that anyone who went in wasn’t coming out. Our windows were blackened by the dust and we waited. When we finally walked out into the moonscape, dust filled our eyes and we started walking. We all walked home. But not everyone made it home that day.

Never forget.”

My brother now has cancer, like so many other people who were in Lower
Manhattan that day. Thankfully, it is a slowly progressing disease, but there is no cure.
One day, I will be without my little brother and I cherish every moment I share with him.
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