Songs from Graham’s Mixtape for Loren #WheelerInDarkness West by @Sleepingatlast

Maps stretched out-
Too many miles to count.
Let’s just say we’re inches apart,
Even closer at heart,
And we’ll be just fine.Another pin pushed in
To remind us where we’ve been.
And every mile adds up
And leaves a mark on us.
And sometimes our compass breaks
And our steady true north fades.We’ll be just fine,
I know that we will.
I just know we will.Time moves slow
When half of your heart has yet to come home.
Every minute’s adding up
And leaving a mark on us.
I can’t get you out of my mind.
I solemnly swear,
I swear that I’ll never try.

We’ll be just fine,
I know that we will.

We’ll be just fine.
It’s a matter of time
‘Til our compass stands still.

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