Glimpse of Wheeler – One Fire Burns the Other’s Burning


29 September

“It hurts to be away from you,” he said, his voice cracking. “Everything that’s happened seems so distant, and then suddenly it’s like it was yesterday.”
Loren put the bowl down. “I know. I think it’s because we finally have a minute to think.”
“Yah.” He breathed deeply. “I will be with you tomorrow night. I don’t know what time, but I will be there tomorrow night.”
“Okay.” She smiled but then saw time on the screen. “It’s almost 2. I’m sure Ron’s pulling his hair out waiting for you.” Graham dropped his head and chuckled, then held her gaze for a long moment. She smirked. “You’re giving me the smolder.”
He ran his hand over his face. “How can I tell you what’s in my heart when you keep interrupting me?”
She tucked her lip in her teeth. “Go, before I don’t let you.” He winked at her and disconnected.
She sat for a moment and analyzed her state of mind. I’m sad but I’m in control again. What’s so different? He’s in the same state? She shook her head. New York State and New York City are like completely different countries. Loren sat back into the chair with a long exhale. My head doesn’t hurt.

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