He haunts me, my Muse

CECILY BROWN For this as yet untitled 2015 oil-on-linen painting, the British artist, who tends to be inspired by other artworks rather than by models, borrowed from two works by the German Expressionist Max Beckmann, ‘‘Young Men by the Sea’’ and ‘‘The Argonauts,’’ featuring groups of standing men. Credit Photo by Genevieve Hanson, courtesy of the artist:



You drive me mad with your smile, your mouth.
The way you move with such grace, yet masculine; filling my mind with memories that never were.
But I will always have you; love you,
in my dreams.





She was drawn to him in ways she didn’t understand. His eyes ran through her soul, following her, chasing her. They were the only eyes that could stop her dead in her tracks while traveling at the speed of light.


Your eyes flood before you go to sleep, he is the sun that dries them.
But what you don’t know is that he is the one who opens the floodgates.

But wait, you do know that, don’t you?

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