Daily Prompt: Missing

via Daily Prompt: Missing

Excerpt from Wheeler, One Fire Burns Another’s Burning (coming soon)

When Loren returned to the house on Vineyards, she walked in on Ron and Derek in the great room, discussing her trip to New York. I don’t want to talk to them, she thought and headed to the master bedroom. The ache in her chest took her breath. She tried to call Graham but got his voicemail. I don’t want to leave another voicemail. She lay back into the bed. I don’t want to do this anymore. Loren took out her tablet.

‘Mon Coeur:
Tu me manques literally means you are missing from me. And you are. You are missing from my arms. You are missing from beside me.
I don’t want to text you anymore. I don’t want to call you. I don’t want to miss you anymore. I want to wake up at three in the morning and have you next to me.
Then there’s the part of me that doesn’t want to need you this much. I don’t want to need you to feel safe. I don’t want to need you to tell me that everything will be alright.
But I do need you. I need to feel how much you love me. I need that rush when you gather me in your arms, and your warmth surrounds me.
You have uncovered the embers of my soul and breathed upon them. You bright Apollo, have tended to the spark and have melted my heart of ice, and set me ablaze.

And while my heart and soul are on fire for you, it’s really cold here, and Ron doesn’t know how to turn the heat on.’

Hot tears fell on the pillow under her head as she typed a final line and pressed send.

‘Nothing smells like you anymore.’

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