Happy birthday to me – but you get the gift!

Today, November 17th, is my birthday and I feel every one of my 40-some odd years. Let’s just say injuries suck rocks.

OMFG!! Funny Birthday Card#FunnyCards #BirthdayCards #DeanMorrisCards #LOL #RudeCards #GreetingCards #FunnyBirthdayCards:

In honor of this illustrious day, I have a Goodreads Giveaway going on, but there are only five hard copies available. If the last two giveaways were a barometer, there will be over 400 people entering for one of those five hardcovers.  They cost me money to produce, $14.35 each, while the PDF file – a file you can read on your Kindle or other device – doesn’t cost me one red cent to send you.

For those of you who  follow me here and leave a comment that you’d like a copy, from today, Thursday, until Sunday, I’ll send you an electronic copy of Wheeler.  

My only request is that if you enjoyed the story, leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.  You will have my eternal gratitude!




2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me – but you get the gift!

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  1. Happy Birthday ! I have come to your site via a recommendation from prowomenscycling.com and i would love an electronic copy of your book ‘Wheeler’ please. I love following the Aviva Womens Tour and my highlight this year was Laurel Rathbun’s brave completion of Stage 2. I will relish this read. Thank you

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    1. Luv, if you could see the smile on my face! Thank you so much! Look for an email from me! It’s not the only race in the book, it’s just one of many! An excerpt Stage 3 of the 2015 Women’s Tour is featured in my April Archives, as well as an excerpt for the 2015 La Course in July (fictionalized, of course).


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