Needing a little help from my friends.. Opinions on a new cover

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about the pitfalls of self publishing, which has been frankly, a little depressing.

Many self-published books, whether or not they are any good, don’t often go anywhere. It is very difficult to gain attention, harder still when the cover design doesn’t quite give the reader what they’re used to seeing in the genre. It’s even more difficult when your novel blends several genres like mine does.

I like my cover, but as I’ve been reading, I’m questioning my decision. When someone sees it, do they think ‘oh, it’s another autobiography/biography of a cyclist’?


I am very thankful for my friend, Bob, who is a graphic artist at The Bergen Record in New Jersey for creating both the above and below.

So, A1(red) or B1(blue)


A2 or B2?





8 thoughts on “Needing a little help from my friends.. Opinions on a new cover

Add yours

  1. Ok i havent ordered a copy yet but i hope to in near future. Reading is one of my favourite hobbies. As someone who ran a secondhand bookshop for 4 years i have a few questions Why do you want to change the cover so soon? When you wrote the book & designed/helped design the cover were you happy with it? Are you having doubts about its eye catching ability now because of what you have read? Its just that there is nothing more annoying to an avid reader or someone like myself who has experience of working in a bookshop when a publisher/author turns around & republishes a book and changes the cover. To the reader or shop assistant its annoying because the cover catches your eye and it may be a few years down the road when you are looking for a book and you see the cover and you are like i never read that but when you read the back cover & you realise oh i did read it. I know this can be the case even if the cover hasnt been changed. You say to yourself why do they have to change the cover . Sometimes people buy the book if they are in a hurry/whatever without even reading the back and its like that is so unfair to the customer. The customer feels cheated. In my case i only had enough space to have one copy of every book on shop floor. I had extra copies if available in the store. Sometimes when restocking i d have put out 2 copies of the same book but wouldnt have realised it. It would only be when my eyes were fresh id see my mistake. I wouldnt have seen it at the time because 2 totally different covers. It was no big deal but just like, why do they have to do it? I think your original cover is perfectly fine but if you still want to change it i think Paul has a good design idea. The other idea s look too mechanical to me and the love heart shape is lost/not even seen initally by myself. Maybe some brighter colours in the foreground. I hope im not been too critical. Good luck with whatever you do decide on. Dont be too hard on yourself.

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    1. Not at all harsh. Any critique is good in my view. I absolutely understand what you’re saying. I don’t have stock – books are printed on demand, which is a huge advantage. Also, there aren’t many hard copies out there. And yes, I’m trying to broaden my exposure by making the cover more appealing to women’s fiction readers. Cycling is a significant part of the story, but it’s not the whole story.


  2. For a new cover, I like BI. It creatively shows it’s a cycling book. Cyclists will know right away where non-cyclists may get confused and not know it’s cycling. Anyone will get it’s a love story where that is not obvious in the original cover.
    I like the original a lot as a cyclist though.
    If you are looking to expand your audience, BI is worth a try, but I would make the sub-title a bit larger font to assure catching one’s eye..

    It would be tough to fit, but a photo of cyclist making a curve and we see the curve is in fact part of a heart shaped road is an idea I had, perhaps doable as a drawing. As a drawing, the heart shape curve the cyclist could be “riding” could be a chain…which on one tip of the heart could run off as a broken chain…depicting your tag line….just kinda brain storming

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  3. OK I have not read your book. Not something I am interested in. But looking at all five covers, none gets my attention or interest. The first cover looks the best to me but as far as what the book is about I was guessing a story of someone’s life as a bike person. The other four gives me no clue as to what the book may be about at all. Sorry I may not be of any help.

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