I love questions! Keep ’em comin’

Another question I was asked about Wheeler is, why do you have music in your book?/Why do you give the song title/artist in the text?

Again, good questions. The answer?

I listen to music while writing. It inspires me, puts me in the right mood. As to why I put the songs in the book itself, initially I envisioned a fully interactive experience for the electronic version. Hover over the name of the song and poof! the iTunes snippet begins to play. Alas, that’s only on iBooks.

I left them there, hoping that you, the reader, would go and check out the song that inspired me in that scene. Here’s the list of songs on Spotify, which are cited in the back of the book itself (except The Heavy, which apparently, I overlooked).



***Spoiler Alert***


Also on Spotify, if you look me up there, you’ll find “Graham’s Mixed Tape for Loren”.  I listen to my Pandora station “Blackmill” (look me up there too!) and a lot of the songs in that playlist are ones that I’ve come to love – and have spent my money on. Because really, if something gets my foot tapping, sing along, etc. that artist deserves my $1.29.


Keep asking questions, in all areas of your life. That’s how we learn.

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