Admitting you made a mistake isn’t weakness


How very true this is.

I’ve made many, many mistakes in writing, editing, producing and then publishing Wheeler. So many regrets, they stick in my throat and make my stomach burn. I lose sleep to their haunting.

I deeply regret releasing something that wasn’t completely ready, all because my ego wanted it to be relevant. I let my emotions overrule my logic, which, for true, isn’t something that I have allowed in the past. I am not a sentimental person and while my expressions are many, I keep my true emotions in check. (Yes, Mackenzie is more me than than even I initially thought. Yet another noob mistake.)

Working on this novel, and the follow up, for the past 16 months has screwed with my internal wiring. Maybe it’s the hormones of being on the cusp of menopause. Maybe it’s the realization of so many people reading my words, my thoughts, opening my soul to the world scares the living daylights out of me.

But fear can be a catalyst for something new, if you have the courage to dig deep and change.



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