#HalftheRoad and @KathrynBertine making strides in the women’s pro peloton

Women’s professional cycling is on the brink of a major explosion across the globe, with professional cycling’s governing body – Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) – creating the new Women’s World Tour for 2016. 
Attention to the sport is gaining momentum, especially in light of the incredible performances of Americans, Mara Abbott and Kristen Armstrong in the women’s Olympic race and time trial. I wrote an indoor cycling profile based on Ms. Abbott’s amazing victory atop the Mortirolo in the Giro Rosa, available through the Indoor Cycling Association. (The full profile is members only for now. Check back with me soon but the playlist is available on Spotify)
I also authored a romantic women’s fiction novel,  Wheeler‘, taking the women’s pro peloton into the realm of fiction with a strong female protagonist, romantic storyline and an original take on how races are presented with realistic color commentary by fictional TV personalities. 
As these athletes gear up for the World Championship in Qatar, it’s not too soon to look toward 2017 and supporting the women’s peloton. Go on twitter, facebook, Instagram, find a team where you are and follow them. Lend them your voices and cow bells!  Support their sponsors. 
Half the Road, by @KathrynBertine, gives a voice to these amazing athletes, who often get the short end of the stick. Winds are changing, but not fast enough in my opinion. Read about Kathryn and what she’s doing in women’s cycling at Voxwomen.com
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