You want me to [gulp] speak in public…?

It’s fitting that my first appearance as an author would be at a place I spent a good chunk of my childhood – The Wharton Public Library.

My family moved to Wharton, New Jersey from New York City when I was three (I think). I remember walking to elementary school, which as Google Maps tells me was close to a mile, one way. I then spent 6-8th grade at the local catholic school. I played soccer with the Wharton Wolves until I was 15. I rode my bike everywhere, except to Roberts Street Park. Sterling Street is a fearsome climb for 300 feet, especially for a kid on a single speed Huffy.

I’m proud to say I grew up in a small town. Wharton back in the 70’s and 80’s was mostly a blue collar town. Then we became semi-famous, thanks to one @CyndiLauper. Her Gold album hangs on the wall of the library. Yes, we are very proud to have had Cyndi’s ‘Time after Time’ video filmed in our little town.

And yes, I know you wish you had those glasses, too.



So, if you’re in the neighborhood (Morris County, New Jersey) why not come by. We can chat. I’ll have some books with me.

There’s beer [and wine]. And snacks. $15 per person/$25 per couple. Call the Library for tickets!  And dress nice for Pete’s sake!

Exit 34B off Rt. 80 West.


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