Of Poetry, Pinterest and Inspiration

Reiterating on my previous post here, since running out of ‘romantic’ lines by Shakespeare, I’ve turned to Pinterest for inspiration. There’s quite a number incredibly romantic poets: Tyler Knott Gregson, Beau Taplin, Leo Christopher, just to name a few.


The romantic in me would swoon if words like this were murmured in my ear, in a British accent. ‘Cause, you know, I got a thing for that.

Anyway, like I said, I’ve had to turn to Pinterest for inspiration. If you follow me there (click “Book Quotes” for my page) I add to it almost every day as I find new ones.

I’m not a poet, but having said that, I never knew I’d be an author either. I guess my presumption came from English Lit class and the ‘traditional’ poem. Lines rhymed. There was a flow to the words. Shakespeare’s sonnets (but those were kind of letters, mostly. Sort of. I think.)

Nowadays, it seems poetry has taken on a different form, or at least my perception of poetry. The ‘new to me’ way of writing poems seems to be almost like the 180 characters you get on Twitter, or a blog post. A quick, sometimes disjointed, halting sentence that could be interpreted differently. I love this new way of writing poems, especially the romantic ones, so full of emotion and longing. Perfect for a long distance relationship. Like this one:

Did I write that?

A friend of mine from high school, Leigh Spencer wrote a fantastic book of poetry, Tequila and Cookies (available on Amazon here). Her style of writing is like the aforementioned modern poets and a joy to read. Especially the one about the cyclist and his pretty purple thong.

Go write some poetry. Pick something that stirs your soul and put pen to paper, or typewriter. Or Adobe.


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