A higher purpose.. Cristian Mihai

Cristian Mihai is an author I follow and posted on his wordpress his thoughts on a higher purpose. He asked: “Don’t you feel that sometimes we try so hard to turn real life into art? To turn our past into a story that could never be true? A story that is either better or worse than anything “real.”

This question began a swirl of emotions in me that came out in my comment:

Every time I get a rejection, I question why I keep trying. #107 came yesterday.

Writing has become a compulsion, a necessity that I don’t fully understand. I don’t know where the words come from but when I stop, it is physically painful. It’s like being in love, you are consumed, not caring that you are on fire.

I will keep writing, imagining, even though I know the fire will leave me as ashes. Because it hurts more to stop than it does to burn.


You can read his post at the link below.

“I often tell people that the few months I spent writing and posting my stories on Wattpad were the happiest I have yet to live. I have made the decision to see only the nostalgic beauty of those mo…

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