La Route de France Featured Race in WHEELER

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Sunday, August 7th, while the Women’s Olympic Cycling Race was on television, the prologue for La Route de France  was also being held.  Dutch rider, Amy Pieters (Wiggle High5) took first honors.

Stage 1 was held this morning in France, beginning in the town of St. Quentin (my son’s name is Quinten). BTC’s Eugenia Bujak crossed the line first, followed by Floortje Mackaij of Liv Plantur and prologue winner, Amy Pieters of Wiggle High5 rounding out the podium. Pieters holds the leader’s jersey by a slim 10 second margin.

Frustratingly, I cannot watch this stage race, as it is not shown anywhere that I have access. Perhaps Wiggle High5 will have videos of their experience, or another team or the race organizer will eventually have something up on YouTube. Keeping an eye on the scrolling Twitter or Facebook feed is hard, as I don’t speak French. Luckily, Facebook offers a ‘translation’ but posts are short  and my head hurts just looking at it. Maybe I’m just hungry.


La Route is also a featured race in my novel, Wheeler.  In this chapter, protagonist, Loren Mackenzie is still dealing with the effects of the minor concussion she received at the Giro. Admitting she was in love then having Graham leave for California was hard enough. Now confronted with images of Graham with another woman, Loren uses her powerful emotions to fuel her during the first few stages of the race.

Many athletes admit to using negative experiences in their lives as tinder, often working through their problems with physical exertion. In Loren’s case, her fury over Graham’s perceived betrayal resurrects demons of her past.

Things eventually turn around for Loren and Graham, but Loren now knows for certain that someone close to her can no longer be trusted.


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