Review – @Rapha Canyon/Sram Core Jersey

I ordered my first ever jersey from Rapha last week and received it in the post today. (I purchased this jersey myself – Rapha didn’t supply it).

I was very excited to get this jersey. First because it’s black. Other than my IDC/Wheeler jersey, I wear jerseys that are a majority black.  I have a 34D(DD) chest and biceps made by Stronglifts. I personally didn’t mind the ‘girls’ being highlighted like they were, but the arms were way too snug to deal with for 100 miles.

Final verdict: The jury is still deliberating. I’ll update when I get the replacement… as soon as I remember what my Rapha password is.


Once I get the larger size (this is a medium) I have no doubt this jersey will undoubtedly be my favorite.
I was impressed with the zippered media pocket but I wouldn’t think wearing earbuds while riding on the road is a smart thing.
The back of the jersey is just slightly longer than the front, which on me fit perfectly. This was a huge surprise since I have a short torso and long legs. Jerseys are often too long and bunch up in the worst places.
The back half of the jersey is a ‘power’ fabric with a rubber-like backing. I despise elastic around the bottom seam of jerseys and usually take it out but this was glorious – AND STAYED PUT when I bent over (repeatedly).  No binding either.
The rear view – three deep pockets across the back, and that sweet zippered media pocket is a bonus 4th. Big enough for money and ID.
The reason I’m returning the Core jersey – the sleeves. I don’t have slim arms. 😦 Very sad.
I’m keeping the La Course tech shirt. LOVE the tapered fit (and it’s black)

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