Truly, the course never runs smooth…

Launching a new venture, either a business, a novel or even an idea, is never easy. I was very excited to launch Wheeler over the weekend in paperback.

And then the Kindle version went up yesterday, and I did a little dance…fangirlblue


Until I saw how the text converted.

Mother f-erWhat the f- is that? That’s not how my pdf proof looked!  

Can we say frustrating, sweetheart?

Thankfully, nobody has bought the Kindle version yet. Hey, wait a minute…

As I look to the horizon, I have some hopes. Not many, mind you, but a few of them are big.

Like, seeing women’s races, both in the US and Europe, on MY television. This weekend, I actually sat down and watched a triathlon qualifier that was shown on Universal. Why couldn’t the Giro Rosa be on Universal, or some other channel to which my cable package gives me access? Why am I forced to watch ‘highlights’ on the ‘net, when I want to see the whole race?! I want to sit on my bike (on a trainer) and ride with them!  (virtually, ’cause there’s no way…)

To somehow be able to figure out how to manage the marketing/advertising stuff that I don’t have the knowledge, the money, or the time to dedicate to it.  While there are a few things I have done, like thanks to a brief mention in the book about Breeze Bike Rides organized by British Cycling, they’ve agreed to ‘tweet’ about the book (I swear I almost fainted when they got back to me).  jeanie

Or how Ella Cycling Tips is going to review the book for their website.

Or how one of my Stage 20 profile for the TdF will be featured in Indoor Cycling Association’s TdF 2016 Package.

Perhaps I’ll weave one of the races in Wheeler and present it to a class.

Advertising on All Romance Reads. Sending hard copies out to key people. When do I have time for all this?! 

A book tour is a pipe dream. Let’s be real here. I’m not Dan Brown or J.K.

I would love, love, love to go to Enfield and physically see all the places I wrote about that Google Earth showed me. Ride the Women’s Tour Stage 5 from 2015. See my friends, Dave and Helen and their two adorable littles and hand them a copy of the book they were a part of creating. Ride a BMW 800R and that sweet Harley Nightrider. Drive Graham’s Jaguar – on the wrong side of the road.

A movie? Uh, have you seen American Flyers?

A best seller?    ehhh no


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