Wheeler, a sport, women’s, romance…

How do you describe a story that isn’t quite a romance novel, but also isn’t quite women’s fiction, but, also involves the sport of cycling? Not just as a byline or backdrop, the races are almost characters themselves.

The Aviva Women’s Tour, the Giro Rosa, La Course by Le Tour de France, Thuringen Rundfahrt der Frauen, Sparkassen Giro, Lotto Belgium, Holland Ladies Tour, Chrono Champenois, the World Championships in Richmond, VA.

It is with great trepidation that I announce the mostly unknown publishing of Wheeleravailable as of today on CreateSpace, with Amazon and Kindle will follow at some point next week (3-5 business days).  I’ll hopefully have print copies in time for the Pottstown, PA Criterium on July 10th, my first, um, appearance and second try at getting lapped multiple times. Yeah!

Right now, Saturday afternoon, just like any other Saturday afternoon in my life, and I am now a published author, albeit self-published. I even sold one copy within the first five minutes of my posting, which is awesome.Staggeringly awesome. (Thanks, Joe Martin!)

Admittedly, have no idea what I’m doing. I’m terrified. Will anybody read it? What if nobody likes it? Have I just made the biggest mistake of my life? OMG, I feel faint.

But, I have a lot of people to thank, so I can’t pass out just yet.

My husband, Eric
My friends, Bob and Penny. My first readers
Dave and Helen, my favorite Brits
Dan Hammack, author of Legend of Rosalind
Jude Law (for being awesome)
Jared and Dave at The Sufferfest
British Cycling’s Breeze program
Jens Voigt, Phil Leggett, Paul Sherwin, Bob Roll and Steve Harris
Jennifer Sage, Indoor Cycling Association
Chris Rae, author of Septic’s Companion
The Union Cycliste Internationale
Bucknell University (While they don’t have a cycling team supported by the University, it is a club sport, hence the ‘fiction’)

I must not forget the amazing locations that I used in the story:

In England: Enfield, Northaw and Potters Bar
In the US: Rochester, NY and Richmond, VA
In Europe: Kamnik, Slovenia

This novel is dedicated to all of the incredible women in professional cycling, for their spirit, talent, and grace that inspired the fictional women’s cycling team,
Innovative Design Cycling (IDC)


Kathryn Bertine, Rochelle Gilmore, Gracie Evlin,
Evelyn Stevens, Lizzie Armistead, Carmen Small, Katie Archibald, Ayesha McGowan
Cervelo Bigla, WiggleHigh5 and Fusion RT Women’s Cycling Teams

I have a love/hate relationship with Google and Pinterest. I have a super-secret board dedicated to the book on Pinterest. If there’s interest, perhaps I’ll share some of the inspirations I had while writing. Granted, those who read books are visual people to begin with, and you already have your own vision.

Connect with me on Twitter @sarazalesky and here on WordPress for updates, news, and other fun stuff about the book. I do a little dance every time I get somebody following me or liking my blog. Really!

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