Aviva Women’s Tour, Stage 5

The final stage of the Aviva Women’s Tour was a rolling 113km from Northampton to Kettering.  Both towns were stops in the 2014 and 2015 tours. In my new novel, Wheeler, which – crossing fingers – will be available soon, the first race is the 2015 Women’s Tour.

Today will be a fast stage, with lots of short, punchy rises. We have two sprint challenges, the first coming at just 8.5 kilometers into the race. There are also two chances at the QoM points. RPE does not go below 6 until the feed station, just about halfway through, at 49km.

Ever Rest, UNKLE, 4,23
Warm up, RPM 85-95, bringing up watts/HR/resistance/perceived exertion. Whatever you use. By the end of 4 minutes though, try and be at RPE 5.

Love and Death, The Black Hounds, 3,26
Picking up the pace to the first sprint challenge. The sprinter’s teams start to organize. RPE increases to that beloved 6. Get used to it. RPM no higher than 95 now.

Fighters (Instrumental), Voicians, 3,22
Here we go. You’re 5th man and your sprinter is on your wheel. Tick up the effort. (Rather than add a bunch of RPM, add a gear then add RPM) RPE goes to 7.

Born from Gods, Heavy Melody, 3,06
:45 of active recovery before going into the strong climb out of Bugbrooke.

Shores of Orion, God is an Astronaut, 5,12
Climb at Newnham Hill, quicker RPM (82-85ish). The points banner is not quite at the top (at around 3:53 is a big pick up in the music). Hold on until 4:44 – but you can back off a little bit until the end of the song, which is only about :30.

Set the World on Fire, Symphony X, 5,55
1:00 active recovery through the feed zone, then back to work. RPE goes back to 6! RPM 85-95. Accelerations at the chorus, add gear and pick up RPM And Fly With Me THROUGH SCORCHING SKIES!

Clandestine, Twofold, 4,26
Up the not very friendly climb at Naseby, but take it on quickly.  RPM around 80-83. The higher the RPM the more effort it should take. Stand if you need to but you must add gear. Give your knees something to push against.

Container Park, The Chemical Brothers, 3,45
:45 – No brakes on the downhill. Get back to it. RPE 6. RPM 85-95. Rolling climbs, add gear for :30, but keep the

Poem, Taproot, 3,09
Rolling but fast. Teams are setting up for the sprint. Surges in RPM at chorus. Add gear and RPM.

Elara, Celldweller, 2,57
Sprint at Desborough. The effort builds with the music. You’re 5th man again. At :45, accelerate and hold. At 1:15, a little bit of a climb. At 1:55, accelerate again and hold. At 2:24, add gear and accelerate AND HOLD IT.

Indestructible, 8Dawn, 2,28
8k to go, more rollers, still fast. Like poetry in motion, flow over the hills.

Battle of One, Thirty Seconds to Mars, 2,47
Final 2k. Oh, my darlings. Fast and Furious.90-95, adding gear and RPM at 1:45 AND HOLD IT UNTIL THE END. Oh, my darlings, leave nothing to chance.

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