Aviva Women’s Tour Stage 4

You may have noticed a bit of a trend with my profiles.  I love big sound, and film scores and trailer music is perfect for that. There’s a tenseness in racing and I try to find music that gives the same sense of urgency. The race itself is dramatic, but add music to it, the scene I try to inspire becomes much more.

You may have also noticed that I give very little direction on what to say. As instructors, we have our own ‘style’, and each of us does things or says things a little differently. Often, I find myself saying something that doesn’t work on paper, but when spoken with the right inflection, can hit the note. And just as often, I’ll say something and completely forget what I said by the end of class. Sometimes, I talk about what happened during the race (as I have done with these profiles, since I know), but I usually have to make it up.

Make the profile your own, using your own words. My music selections are suggestions. You won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t use them, but they are pretty awesome.

Happy riding and #keepitreal

stage 4 profile

Image credit: womenstour.co.uk

Stage 4 of the Aviva Women’s Tour was an equally hard challenge as Stage 3. Beginning in Nottingham, the stage traveled 119.2k/74 miles to Stoke-on-Trent.

We will again focus our attention on the latter part of the stage, beginning just after the sprint at Woodville. We will face the two QoM challenges, along with the sprint at Rocester.

Monoliths, Maserati, 6,20
We begin with the warm up. 85-95 RPM, raising resistance and RPE to 5.

Movement Revolution, Cranston Foundation, 4,35
Lots of ‘movement’ as the peloton comes back together after the sprint at Woodville. Little accelerations to keep to the front.

Revolution, Uppermost 5,35
Bit of a climb here, RPE 6-6.5, RPM less then 85. Keep it crisp.

Distraction, Apocalyptica, 3,53
Little bit of a down, then going back up. Holding the line.

Permeate, Brand X Music, 1,40
The Sprint at Rocester. You’re merely responding to the increase in pace. Unless you want the sprint points.

Harbringer, Danny Cocke, 2,10
QoM at Ramshorn, just the beginning.

Purgatory, Brand X Music, 1,46
Time to fly my friends.

Invocation in the Caldera, Souvenir’s Young America, 6,24
Little bit of a recovery, then back to pace, then start our next climb.

Hell Rains Down, Epic Score, 2,19
Time to start attacking. (Use your own judgment here. ‘Attacks’ mean different things in different programs. You can go all out into a standing attack or you can stay seated and accelerate. Keep it to 5-10 seconds, lots of resistance. Not to be confused with ‘sprints’ [roadrunner legs].  We do not ‘sprint’, we accelerate. *A true sprint is balls to the wall, flat out, 110% effort. Save that for the end.)

Waiting for Gods, Epic Score, 4,07
QoM at Oaksmoor. More attacking, on a heavier climb. Sorry.

Out for Blood, Epic Score, 2,26
Little less of a climb, more attacking.

Reborn, 8Dawn 2,13
Little section of a recovery, then back to work.

Acetone, The Crystal Method, 5,15
The Finish line is coming. Pace line – work together.

Tactical Dominance, Jack Trammell, 1,47
Finish Line. See description above at *.

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