Aviva Women’s Tour, Stage 3

Photo credit @nedboulting

Stage 3 turned out to be a major change over the previous incarnations of the Aviva Women’s Tour. The riders suggested a hillier, more challenging course and they got one in Stage 3. *

Ashbourne was the start of the tour stage and is referred to as the “Gateway to the Peak District”.  The race ends in the town of Chesterfield, which boasts a challenging section of cobbles at 300 meters to to the finish.

This profile will focus on the second half of the stage, beginning with the feed station at KM51. We will hit both QoM segments, the first at Winster, with an average grade of 2% over 4,3km and 10km later at Bank Road, which is a leg crushing 11% average over 1km. In between there is the sprint challenge at Darley Dale.

Inventions, Maserati 9,43
We start with our warm up, raising the intensity from 3 to 5 with RPM between 85-95. Increasing pace and resistance as the music picks up at about the 5,30 mark in the song.

Hey You, The Exies, 3,59
And so starts our 16 minute ascent at Winster. We’re hitting the climb with lots of movement in the peloton. There were plenty of attacks in the early part of the stage and Marianne Vos took the sprint at Buxton.

This is a Sight We had One Day from the High Mountain, Maserati, 2,52
Quick pace, 80-85 rpm, stiffer climb, but doable.

Crushing Blow, Jack Trammell 2,07
Attack! Out of the saddle and pushing an increased gear for 10-15 seconds. Sit in and keep that bit of a lead.

Reap What We Sow, Danny Cocke, 2,24
Not resting on our laurels here. Get back to the climb straight away. 78-85rpm.

Taking a Stand, Henry Jackman 2,07
Our little attempt didn’t hold but you can increase the pace here as the grade becomes a little less. 80-85rpm.

Redux, Xtortion Audio, 2,03
Heavier spot in the climb. RPM drops to below 80.

The Immortals, 8Dawn 2,24
Up and over the top, with the fight for the QoM points!

Battlecry, Celldweller, 1,25
Downhill and prepare for the sprint challenge at Darley Dale

Carnege, Xtortion Audio, 1,51
Increasing resistance and pace. Safely going to 105 seated. You’ve got a little bit of time to set up behind your lead out, but not much. (Good place to start is @ :39 and go to end of song)[This isn’t sit and spin as fast as you can. This is heavy resistance, jumping out of the saddle and going as hard as you can for up to 15 seconds. Do it right. Keep it REAL]

Virtue at All Costs, Immediate 2,59
We take a little bit of a breather as the peloton comes back together (:30) and we start on the climb of Bank Road. This is a serious decanting of the peloton at an 11% average. It’s only 1km, but it will take us 8 minutes to get up. 80-85rpm

Mechanics of War, Xtortion Audio, 2,09
Heavier bit. Still able to respond to attacks, rise out of the saddle when needed. Rpm 78-83.

This is Why I was Born, 8Dawn 3,44
HEAVY bit. Not Friendly at all. RPM drops to 70-78rpm. Really feel the effort. The last minute of the song is the final part of the climb. Feel the urgency of seeing the QoM banner ahead. Staying seated and increasing pace = more power. Standing (plus gear) tests you aerobically.

Rehumanizer II, Maserati 5,12
Little recovery (1:00) then bringing it back to the effort. 85-95RPM heading to the endpoint at Chesterfield. Have you saved anything for responding to, or setting your own attacks? Well then, let’s get to work!

Erasus (Instrumental)[feat. Klayton] Subkulture, 4,14
2km to go, heading into Chesterfield. You feel the build in the music. Respond to it. There’s going to be an attack. GO! (@:40) Nice. The cobbles are coming and then the road narrows. You want to be at the front. Attack! (@1:36) HOLD THAT EFFORT! @2:25(slower part of song) add gear and fight the rumble over the pavers. @final minute – Stay seated, increase pace and gear, @:30 left, stand and GO GO GO!


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