Aviva Women’s Tour, Stage 2

Aviva Women’s Tour
Stage 2, Atherstone to Stratford-Upon-Avon
140.5km (87.4 miles)

Today’s stage is 140.kms in length, beginning in Atherstone.  This market town boasts a long history, and was a stop on the Roman road of Watling Street. The stage ends 87.4 miles later, in the town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, once the home of poet, William Shakespeare.

As always, use your own Rate of Perceived Exertion when riding and feel free to use your own music. While the race isn’t being shown live, you can check in on Twitter or through their website to watch the live feed. (I wish they would show the RACE like they do other races!)

The World Outside, Maserati 5,40
We have our customary neutral zone warm up.  RPM 85-95, RPE begins to rise from 3/10. The peloton sticks together until the Zero KM banner.

Out of My Head, Puddle of Mudd 3,43
Raise your RPE to 5-6 as the route flows through some changing terrain. Our first climb is coming.

White Rabbit, Emiliana Torrini 5,07
Of course, climbs on paper are always longer than in Mother Nature! Drop your RPM to below 85 while increasing the resistance.  RPE 6.

Generation Rock, Revolverheld 2,44
Back down from the climb – we’re getting into position for the lead out to the sprint. RPE 6.5

Pulsar, Celldweller 2,18
Lead out to sprint. RPE 7-7.5 (at or slightly above FTP)

Electric Worry, Clutch 5,15
A little bit of recovery as the peloton catches up, then it’s back to work. RPE 5-6.5

K.I.L.L., Xtortion Audio 2,16
A little climb before the feed zone. Watch those swinging bags!

Can’t Kill Us, The Glitch Mob 4,55
Our first Queen of the Mountain points challenge. RPM below 85, RPE 7.

Knuckle Up, Brand X Music 2,05
There’s no rest for the weary – time to raise that RPM and get the lead out for the coming sprint. RPE 6-7

Zero Hour, Brand X Music 2,15
HIT IT RPE 7-7.5

Shivaree, Lowrider 5,49
Just a little recovery, then we start climbing. RPE 5-7.5

Dogs of War, Brand X Music 2,26
Picking up the pace to get to the base of the next QoM challenge climb.  RPE 6-7.5

imBalanced Chemicals (Burn Mix), Methodic Doubt Music 2,39
Get up that climb! RPM below 85, RPE 7-8

Extra Dimensional, Danny Cocke 2:00
Lead out to the final sprint to the line

Accelerant, Blue Stahli 2,12


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