In Honor of the Aviva Women’s Tour

What them Duke boys don’t know….

Along with the many other things that dominate my life, I am also an indoor cycling instructor. Typically, around this time of the year, I’m gearing up for the Tour de France by writing ride profiles and putting together playlists for the classes I teach.

This year my focus has been on my new novel, ‘Wheeler’, which I’m hoping to have ready for publication by the end of the month (if not sooner!). Because the 2015 Aviva Women’s Tour is the first race that my main character, Loren Mackenzie, leads her team, Innovative Design Cycling, I wanted to do something special.  I will be posting new profiles for the five stages through the week so keep an eye on my Twitter!

Below is my profile and song suggestions for Stage 1 of the Aviva Women’s Tour .

Aviva Women’s Tour
Stage 1, Southwold to Norwich, 138.5km/86.1 miles

Today marks the first Stage of the Aviva Women’s Tour in England. The women’s Elite teams will traverse 138.5 kilometers (86.1 miles) from the town of Southwold on the coast to the town of Norwich. Norwich has hosted the men’s Tour of Britain regularly but this would be the first time the Women’s Tour will visit this seaside town. As with all of our rides, this is to YOUR ability. Rate of perceived exertion is between 5-7.5 out of 10.

We begin with the customary roll out for our warm up. Will you Wait, The Pass, 4,02
Gearing increases, 85-95rpm, steadily bringing up the watts.
Surges to get to the front                                                   The Wolf, Mumford & Sons 3,41

Your job in Stage 1 is to be the lead out for your sprinter, keeping them safe and at the front. The possibility of a bunch sprint at the end is high, but there’s always a chance somebody will break out. (in the guise of over/under intervals)

Vigilante, Frank Klepacki 4,31
We come to the first try at the Queen of the Mountain points, quick pace as the grade isn’t too steep. Surges! Get to the front. 80-85rpm

Run, Phantom Black, 3,50
We’ve got a long run out here before the sprint marker. Hold that pace just under FTP, with brief forays over those watts. 85-95rpm, adding a gear when you surge.
Pain, Jimmy Eat World, 3,03
Keep that pace high and your sprinter safe! More surges!
Rock It, Sub Focus 4,35
This is the lead up to the sprint marker. Fighting to get to the front, even more surges!

Parasite, Danny Cocke 1,28

Feed Zone, DamnKid, DJ Boborobo 1,13
Active recovery, resist the urge to sit up

Harbringer, Danny Cocke, 2,10
Next try for the QoM points, RPM 80-85, steady going

Switchback (instrumental) Celldweller 3,58
Next lead out for sprint points, long and steady, with surges
Stand and Become Legendary, Jack Trammell 1,43

Cydonia, 8Dawn, 5,34
Little bit of up and down as the terrain changes but keep that pace and effort high

Throne, Bring Me the Horizon 3,12
Surges while keeping steady 7RPE

Destroyer, Brand X Music 2,45
Bunch Sprint to the finish!

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