The Suffer Prize by @TheSufferfest

In the novel, ‘Wheeler’, we follow the story of professional cyclist, Loren Mackenzie as she unexpectedly finds love, but she still has to earn a living!

As a professional cyclist, occasionally, you crash. Sometimes, you crash spectacularly.

In the fictionalized 2015 Giro Rosa, Loren crashes spectacularly in the prologue. While she was injured, in true romantically tragic fashion, Loren insists on continuing with the tour. She suffers greatly for this decision but pulls off an amazing comeback.  No, she does not win the Giro Rosa – that would be wholly unbelievable – but she does come away with some ‘Real-paigne’.

I wanted to give a special thank you to Dave McQuillen at @thesufferfest for allowing me to present The Suffer Prize to the character in my story.

I have ‘enjoyed’ the suffering of training with The Sufferfest for several years now. While I didn’t quite make Knighthood at my attempt in November (I got to #8 out of 10), I did raise $500 for the Hydrocephalus Association in honor of my son, Quinten.

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