A little thanks is in order

This book is dedicated to all of the incredible women in professional cycling for their inspiration of the fictional team, Innovative Design Cycling, but especially Kathryn Bertine, Rochelle Gilmore, Gracie Evlin, Evelyn Stevens, Lizzie Armistead, Carmen Small and the members of the Cervelo Bigla and WiggleHigh5 teams.

But, I also have to give props where they are due.

To my husband, Eric, who helped me when I asked him, listened to me prattle on about people who only existed in my head and for his patience and encouragement in the long time it took me to write.  Thank you.

To my Alpha Reader, and dear friend Bob R.:  My very first reader, the graphic designer who made me a team jersey and cover art, who listened to me whine but told me to keep writing.  Thank you.

To my other Alpha Reader, Penny T.: I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement through this ordeal.  Your excitement and wanting, nay, needing to keep ‘turning the page’ has kept me going.  And thank you for loaning me your oldest, who helped me give Kevin his voice.

To my Editors, Debbie, Dave and Helen:  You were a big part of getting it right!

Pinterest, Google and YouTube: I have a love/hate relationship with them.  All are amazing tools but one wrong choice can plunge you into a rabbit hole of darkness. Thank you anyway.

To the amazing people at No Fear Shakespeare (B&N), Jeremy Hylton and Oxquarry Books Ltd.: thank you for imparting your incredible databases to the world.

To@JessiBraverman, and the good people at Cyclingnews.com, Total Women’s Cycling  and all of the other cycling news sites that highlight women’s cycling, thank you.  Your words inspire.

Thank you, Chris Rae at Septic’s Companion, for your humor and imparting your own special brand of slang.

To the people at Pandora, the artists, Coldplay, ELO, Air Supply and all the other amazingly talented voices I listened to while writing this book.  Your songs helped me form the characters and keep the feels.  Thank you for your words and music.

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