April 17th, A day that will live…

on as my own self-described epic fail.

April 17th was my first racing experience. I rode a criterium of what was supposed to be 10-one mile laps. A mix up with my entry had me riding in the 35+/45+/55+ race instead of the cat 4 women’s. And while I’ve since learned that this was the Masters division, it still made me realize a few things:
#1 how to put on a race number for a crit (on your left side. putting it on my pockets marked me right off);
#2 I might be a B/C ‘club’ rider, I am NOT fast;
#3 The importance of a true warm up. This should be number one though. I don’t know made me think taking a few laps around the course constituted a warm up. When I ride a century, the first 5-6 miles are pure hell for me;
#4 My ‘all out’ is not even as fast as a racer’s soft pedal;
#5 That 88w as my FTP on Trainer Road – yeah, that’s the sad TRUTH, not the 240w FTP on the Keiser at the gym. That’s sport’s version of vanity sizing;
#6 If I want to be at all competitive, I would need to lose another 25lbs, completely change my life to be able to ride 15+hours a week, and have a personal chef/trainer/assistant follow me around 24/7 to smack me upside the head and/or live the rest of my life for me.
That’s just not gonna to happen, and mostly, I’m OK with that. I’m 45. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was 245lbs. Alright, it’s been 14+/- years, but I still live with what’s left from spending the latter part of my 20s and early 30s at that weight. THAT never goes away: the saggy, dimply skin and the body dysmorphic view I still fight.
But, my failure of April 17th has spurred me. I’m a diesel – once I get going, I can roll over anything. Now, my training focus is on short and intense, but still be able to breathe with control. Come to my class, and that’s what you’ll be working on too!
There’s another crit in July. You better believe I signed up for it. And for the right category this time.
Me @ 246lbs when my son was maybe a year old. I was 35. 
Me @ 160lbs from my 40th walking around Philly.
Me out on my new bike last month. Can I clash or what!

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  1. Super stoked to have you training with us! 😀

    Keep crushing it out there and of course, Happy Training!

    Community Manager at TrainerRoad – Cycling’s Most Effective Training Tool

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