Excerpt from Wheeler

Back in the driver’s seat, Loren readjusted her clothing and started the car.  She didn’t move however, she just sat and stared at the steering wheel.
“All’s well?” Graham raised a brow at her as he adjusted his seat again.
“Yeah, it’s good,” she answered, and hesitantly pulled the gear lever into reverse with her left hand and took control of the wheel.  She crept out of the gravel space and released the breath she had been holding to start mumbling something.
Graham was a little confused by her nervousness. “Do you want me to drive?” he asked.
“Oh no, no. I can do it,” Loren replied. “I just had to… um, remember how.” She started mumbling again, a little louder.  “A right is like a left, a right is like a left.”
“Oh, Loren.” Graham put his hand over his face.
“What! Everything’s on the wrong side!” she laughed, as she pointed to the interior of the car. “It’s confusing!”

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