Wheeler, a new Sports Romance Novel

Wheeler has relaunched with a newly edited version! 

Available on Amazon Kindle  and soft cover 

Enter Coupon Code NEPQ6B9X for 50% off the soft cover price!

Wheeler blends the genres of women’s fiction, romance, and sport, specifically women’s professional cycling, to weave a story that is unique in today’s literary market. Other romance novels that delve into the pro peloton have focused on the male riders and female fans/journalists or remain in the nonfiction category. Wheeler concentrates on the women’s peloton, with a strong female protagonist, romantic storyline, and exciting action.

20662594_10214219646909622_1829804328_oKnown as the Ice Queen in the peloton, pro cyclist Loren Mackenzie rarely shows emotion in the heat of competition; she leads her team with quiet strength and determination. She has overcome much in her life to be where she is, but her tragic past is hidden inside tarnished armor and her fear of discovery has kept her out of the spotlight.

While out on a training ride with her cycling team near Enfield, England, a chance meeting quickly develops into an unexpected whirlwind romance. But, a relationship with a high profile celebrity brings with it the microscope of tabloid-media attention; exposing jealousy and rivalry that threaten to undermine Loren’s leadership of her team.  

The new romance also reveals a dangerous obsession, culminating in a terrifying confrontation with someone Loren once trusted. Her injuries not only put her chances at the World Championship in jeopardy but also bring forth memories of a life she had long buried – for a good reason.

Can Loren open her heart to the love she has held at a distance, or will her fear and shame ultimately defeat her?


4 thoughts on “Wheeler, a new Sports Romance Novel

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  1. Sara – I FLEW through your book. I really really enjoyed it – and I learned enough about Cycling that I’m thinking I may watch some of the women’s events (the men bore the crap out of me).

    Thank you so much – it was a real pleasure to meet and talk with you.

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