Wheeler, a new Sports Romance Novel

Wheeler has relaunched with a newly edited version! 

Available on Amazon Kindle  and soft cover 

Enter Coupon Code NEPQ6B9X for 50% off the soft cover price!

Wheeler blends the genres of women’s fiction, romance, and sport, specifically women’s professional cycling, to weave a story that is unique in today’s literary market. Other romance novels that delve into the pro peloton have focused on the male riders and female fans/journalists or remain in the nonfiction category. Wheeler concentrates on the women’s peloton, with a strong female protagonist, romantic storyline, and exciting action.


Known as the Ice Queen of the peloton, pro cyclist Loren Mackenzie rarely shows emotion in the heat of competition; she leads her team with quiet strength and determination. But her successes have not come without suffering, and her tragic past is hidden inside tarnished armor.

While out on a training ride with her cycling team near Enfield, England, a chance meeting quickly develops into an unexpected whirlwind romance. But a relationship with an A-list celebrity brings with it the microscope of tabloid-media attention; exposing jealousy and rivalry that threaten to undermine Loren’s leadership of her team.  

The new romance also reveals a dangerous obsession, culminating in a terrifying confrontation with someone from Loren’s past. Her injuries not only put her chances at the World Championship in jeopardy but also bring forth memories of a life she had long buried – for good reason.

Can Loren open her heart to the love she has held at a distance, or will her fear and shame ultimately defeat her?



4 thoughts on “Wheeler, a new Sports Romance Novel

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  1. Sara – I FLEW through your book. I really really enjoyed it – and I learned enough about Cycling that I’m thinking I may watch some of the women’s events (the men bore the crap out of me).

    Thank you so much – it was a real pleasure to meet and talk with you.

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